Linux is taking over - in my work place

We run ubuntu servers and all our computer labs run ubuntu. We do this not because the school management liked free as speech, but because its free as air. I am the IT guy and part of my job is to migrate of school computers to Ubuntu (including staffs computers given to them by the school). All our staffs run vista on their work laptops. I tried telling them about Linux but all i got was the middle finger (well more or less) . I could have forced them but that would make me a bad guy. So i waited knowing windows vista would do the dirty job for me eventually. It didn’t take long. I got a call, the accounting officer’s laptop got hit by a virus Norton was helpless. I told her our best bet in the long run was to install Linux since i couldn’t guaranty it wouldn’t happen again. She was nervous but i promised her that in a weeks time if she is not used to it then i would change her back to windows “cool”. So i grabbed the laptop, wiped out vista installed Linux Mint added screenlet, and all was ready ( yeah everything worked) and she was really impressed. 2 weeks later when she came back from a trip outside of town. I asked her how it was going, her response “awesome” no slow down, crashes or hanging, and the system is much faster. She loves openoffice, and rhythmbox … (i didn’t even tell her about rhythmbox she most have figured it out her self)

2 The school librarian runs xp on an ancient dell 1.1ghz celeron with 256 mb. the computer was has slow as hell. So i offered to speed things up with Linux. she said WTF is that, just do whatever .. as long has its fast and works .. so i plugged in the Ethernet cable and booted from the network (ubuntu life cd wouldn’t even boot).. from there i installed a CLI version of ubuntu, then i installed Xubuntu-desktop. added the lxde repo then installed lxde i removed firefox 3 and installed seamonkey, then installed mirage and made it the default picture viewer, for music i used sonata (setup with MPD) and rhythmbox. Now the laptop rocks and its blazingly fast. The lady thanks me everyday she is so very happy am sure if i ask i would probably get laid in a show of gratitud – but that is btw … and she is just some plain ol average jenny now she uses linux .. and probably doesn’t even know it ..

3 ..My boss called me to his office, i was scared turned out he wanted me to install a software on his windows laptop a djvu and a postscript viewer for windows i asked if he needed same for is ubuntu desktop he said naaa “ubuntu just work “. so after Google and finding nothing he liked i offered to dual boot is vista with linux he said ok so i installed ubuntu for him,. when everything was setup and for the first time he said thank you .. twice !

now the news is out that Linux is better after all .. some staffs are still holding out .. but trust vista .. it wont be long ..

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