Good to be Back


Its a Global village and its Been a while . This would be the first time time that i would be writing a post…i even forgot that i had a blog and attempted registering another blog when i was told i already had one account with wordpress..Now that i have constant internet access i hope to keep my blog up to date from time to time…in the spirit of sharing i have decided to share some of my experiences with window vista since a lot of people seem to be having problems with it in future post i would do a review of the Relatively New OS.although this is coming 6 month late..i believe that they are still a lot of people who would still like to read a review of the “controversial” OS.(yes controversial because many people have said many things about it some good / some bad.some are outrightly wrong/others have some element of truth in them).My review would be a from a end user point of review.
also hope to use this blog as a means of sharing some of the freebies that i enjoy in vista like wallpapers,cool utility applications and tricks and tweaks that would enhance your usage and Experience.
lastly these blog is also about my life and experience of daily life in Lagos..i love photography and my blog would be fall of them..

Its a global village and am happy to be a member of that hermlet ..once more

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