Time to move on and have more freedom

The Journey of my wordpress.com blog is now ending. BUT the journey of me has just begun. I started blogging as a way of documenting walk around and fixes for issues and challenges I faced in my everyday use of Computers (and technology in general), so that that u guys wouldn’t have to struggle in same problems. You have kept me going and the best reward is your encouragements, for that I can’t Thank you enough.

I will keep posting. But the page and layout will change (I have exported my all my posts and comments from here to my new blog). I will have my touch in it so that you would enjoy more personal and passionate blogging. wordpress.com won’t restricting me anymore, will learn new things by being my own boss  ( we sort of 🙂 )

FOSS is about the freedom.

And guys although I will no longer be updating posts here with new post. I will always response to your comments will also post links to my latest post on my new blog

Me New self-hosted blog:  www.bigbrovar.aoizora.org

Thanks and Appreciations

I first would love to thank nobu who has been very encouraging and offered me to host my blog on his server for free. I really appreciate this gesture of good will and can’t thank you enough.

I would also love to thank everyone who visited, dropped a comment, posted my guide to Digg, reddit etc. Thanks guys. You all keep me going.

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