My Views on UbuntuOne

I have always tried to focus my blog posts on Guides and Howtos as they relate to my experiences in free and open source software. Today however i take an Exception and i will like to speak let out on my opinion about the Ubuntu One issue.

First to set some things straight. Am not saying that canonical should not make proprietary software i have never complained about launchpad or Landscape

And my issue with ubuntu-one has nothing to do with the fact its not been free of cost.

I am a bit concerned about this ubuntu one issue. When I first heard about it, I was very excited to contribute to yet another open source project. Then I found out that it was proprietary, I got confused. Ubuntu is a name that by its very meaning symbolises the virtue of free and open source software. The name is a brand that with the help of millions of community members has come to be associated with quality. The ubuntu Goodwill is known around the world has one of the best product open source as to offer. By using this same name to brand a project that is Proprietary and hence against everything that ubuntu stands for is a huge betrayal of the community .

The use of that name “Ubuntu One” alone will make the product appeal to people who have a soft spot for ubuntu (the OS) and free software in general, which is kinda misleading since dropbox and ubuntu1 are essentially the same proprietary software. its like Redhat building a similar proprietary product and calling it Fedora-connect, or Linus Torvalds setting up a proprietary product and calling it Cloud-Linux. Ubuntu One bears no association or closeness to anything that ubuntu stands for which is openness, collaboration, community and sharing. Using the name Ubuntu in UbuntuOne is just very lame. and am Afraid Canonical got it wrong this time around.

This is my view on this topic. if you agree or have a different point of view by all means share the with me. Just no Trolling 🙂

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