Lightning, Fan, and Warranty Issues

My house was affected during a thunderstorm about a Saturday ago. The good news was non major damage was sustained to both human and appliances. Bad news was the lightning attack knocked out the temperature sensor circuit of my inverter. At first I did not notice anything was amiss. The inverter was working fine and there was no obvious issue.

A day later I noticed the inverter was awfully quite and on further investigation I saw that the temperature indicator on the inverter lcd (which displays the temperature of the inverter heat sink) was displaying 0. This raised a red flag and I knew something was wrong. When started the inverter fan comes on for some seconds and then goes off and would not come on again even when the inverter is physically hot.

The inverter fan is programmed to come on at certain temperature threshold as obtained from the temp sensor. With the latter readings 0 degrees C

there was no way the fan would come on.

Thankfully the inverter was still under warranty but I was dreading having to send the inverter back to lagos for repairs. Luckily when I reached out to the company that sold the unit. They informed me of an Abuja service center. Even then I was a bit skeptical. Many companies in Nigeria are notorious for dishonoring their product warranty and I just wasn’t ready for the back and forth. Eventually i decided what’s to lose and took the inverter to the Abuja service center. Less than 2 hours later inverter was fixed and the whole control board was replaced.

I was pleasantly surprised with the whole speed and hassle free experience. I tested the inverter for 2 days and the temperature reading came back and inverter fan is back to normal mode of operation.

I once again will recommend felicity as a company that stand by their product and have support presence and the willingness to fix warranty issues.

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